Unsurprisingly, the region in which a given variety of coffee is grown can significantly impact the quality and taste of the coffee. Moderate temperatures, consistent rainfall, and adequate sunlight promote optimal coffee bean growth, influencing flavor profiles and overall quality. Meanwhile, extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and rainfall can stress coffee plants, affecting bean quality and flavor intensity.

In the sections below, we have compiled a list of various countries/regions of origin that we either currently offer or have offered in the past and their corresponding flavor profiles. Please note, these are broad flavor profile generalizations that can be greatly influenced by a variety of other factors. Also of note, there are more coffee growing regions beyond what we have listed below.


  • Kenya: Juicy, grapefruit, blackcurrant, spice, mellow, and well-balanced.
  • Ethiopia: Fruity/berry, lemon, cocoa, and floral.
  • Burundi: Vanilla and chocolate.
  • Tanzania: Bright, fruity/berry, currant, woody, chocolate, wine-like acidity.


  • Java: Heavy bodied, and woody.
  • Sumatra: Earthy, smoky, full bodied, some dark chocolate, some roasted caramel, and some herbal notes.
  • Papua New Guinea: Fruit, sweet, spice, tropical, clean, and crisp.
  • Malaysia: Fruity, nutty, and clean.
  • India: Low acid, spice, and heavy bodied.

North America:

  • Mexico: Light bodied, chocolate, nutty, smooth, and crisp.
  • US/California: Sweet, rich, nutty, roasted, and chocolate.
  • US/Hawaii: Sweet, fruity, syrupy, spice, nutty, brown sugar, milk chocolate, and honey.
  • US/Puerto Rico: Sweet, earthy, tropical, chocolate, and dried fruit.
  • Costa Rica: Citrus, nutty, sharp acidity, round body, some chocolate, and some brown sugar.
  • Guatemala: Higher acidity, full body, smoky, spicy, strong chocolate, strong floral, some caramel.

South America:

  • Brazil: Low/mellow acidity, nutty, sweet/bittersweet, chocolate, roasted, some spice, and some citrus.
  • Colombia: Bright acidity, balanced, medium bodied, creamy, caramel, nutty, tropical, and sweet.
  • Peru: Fruity, herbal, tree nuts, floral, and crisp.