Why explore coffee? Why have we compiled all this information? What's the goal here? All great questions and the answer for each comes back to one thing - we believe it's part of our responsibility to help educate others about coffee so they can not only find their best brew but also get the most out of every drop.

Some old cowboy wisdom tells us: “Always take a good look at what you’re about to eat; it’s less about knowing what it is and more about knowing what it was.” While we stand by that old adage, we personally prefer to know as much as possible about both what it is and what it was - and we imagine you're no different.

Throughout the several pages listed above, we'll saddle up with you and do our best to help explore coffee from start to finish. As we trot along, we'll also do our best to highlight how each factor can influence the taste of your coffee so you know what to look for when brewing at home or 'round the campfire.